Pure gold bullion we refined.

The electric pickler, hot wax injector, and vulcanizing mold machine.




The custom-made vacuum investing and casting unit.

The flat rolling mill; also has two other interchangable rolls (half-round and trigonal wire).

We are a small but experienced and independent shop providing a number of related services, including gem cutting (cabochons, faceting, diamond sawing, flat lapping and specializing in asteriated gems); jewelry design and manufacturing (lost wax and fabricated), jewelry repair and restoration (gold, silver and platinum); minerals specimens and crystals, cut gems (specializing in Montana sapphires and other Montana gemstones); geology services, mineral identification, metallurgy including gold refining and recovery, alloying, casting services, molding reproduction.

The wax table.

The polishing machine and dust collector.

Asterism Services

Our "clean" area in the shop: high-pressure steam cleaner, electroplating machine, hot plate, ultrasonic cleaner.

My desk at the shop.

Large AMETHYST crystal, from Butte, Montana.

Miarolitic cavity that held a large aquamarine crystal, near Ardeth lake, Boise Co., Idaho.

Our burnout kiln and fume hood.

Display of cut stones and jewelry.

One of our display cases, showing finished jewelry and cut stones.

The small centrifugal casting machine.

Aquamarine crystal, Camp Lake area, Elmore County., Idaho.

Display of mineral specimens in our store.


The gem cutting area.

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The square wire rolling mill.

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Display of local minerals at Butte Gem & Mineral Show, 2012.

MONTANA SAPPHIRE ring, sapphire cut by us, ring designed, cast, and set by us.

My jeweler's bench, custom-made.